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Basic income after automation? That’s not how capitalism works


And thus we see the inherent flaw in Capitalism, it requires population growth. More people buying more stuff is an absolute requirement. We need to sell more shoes to grow our company, but people only have 2 feet, therefore we need more people or we need them to buy more shoes. That is how "Marketing" got invented so they could persuade people to buy stuff they don't need or even want, all in the name of growth.

The idea of Basic Income is excellent. Since everyone will get BI regardless of what they do (or don't do) people will be freer to choose what they want to do, and if what they choose generates more income for them, then great, but if not then their kids won't starve. Paid work will become graded according to how difficult it is to get someone capable of doing it to actually do it. Want to buy a house, but making crocheted doilies isn't generating enough income for you? Spend a year cleaning portable toilets and buy that house for cash. :D

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