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>>but it would be incorrect to assume that every product we make is at the cost of one of our competitors.

In general if you are growing faster than your industry then you are getting business from someone else, that means they need less work to be done so someone is feeling the hurt.

Yes it can occasionally be that one business gets all/most of the growth and the other business stagnate or get little growth but that often leads to the point where other business are then not able to invest in upgrades to push themselves back into growth/relevance so they end up becoming niche or exiting a market so in the end someone gets the short end of the shit stick.

>> But there are many more cars

Yes but that is the past/current economy, one without general purpose robots and ai's to do the work far more cheaply than humans. If you have no job and no pay how many tv's and cars can you buy in the future?

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