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Don't think of BI as a welfare replacement...

It's a leap for that article to claim that basic income would be regarded as a charity or a replacement for welfare. Most (all, that I've ever talked to) advocates of basic income describe it thus... that mankind has reached the point of development, via our ingenuity and use of productivity boosting technology, that all the earths resources when fairly distributed could now provide all with a life that satisfies their basic needs, and that everyone should by right have a share of it. Basic income for all would at a stroke turn employment from 'something necessary for survival' to 'something I do if I enjoy the job'. It obviously wouldn't eliminate employment, but those sucky jobs would finally get the pay they deserve.

Yes, thank you capitalists, you raised us up to this level. But going forward, you're going to have to share now. The times they are a changin'. Damn dirty socialist thoughts. Utopian for sure. My biggest worry is some kind of lukewarm fudge is supposed, and allowed to fail in order to preserve the vested interests of the capital owning class. "We tried 'basic income*' and it crashed and burned, now get back to work, slave! And let us never speak of this again."

* too early, set at the wrong level, with qualification criteria and strings attached, without necessary social reforms or education or wealth distribution and corporate taxation

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