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Re: The elephant in the room - stagnant wages because of the free movement of labour

> Aside from I shouldn't actually have to and everybody just swapping countries all the time is silly


> See the problem right?

That you / other people can't be arsed?

> Startups don't count. For many many reasons.

Such as? Just half a dozen or so reasons should be enough, no need for an exhaustive list.

> I'm not from London but I had to move here because there's really nothing outside, even in non-tech

No doubt things will get much better with less access to markets and labour.

> There's a whole country of hard working people with necessary skills

Let's be honest, unless your job involves drinking large amounts of tea and gossiping around the kettle... Besides, you don't want hard workers, you want efficient, productive ones.

> As an aside it really bugs me how poor the UK (and companies within at) are doing at providing something like apprenticeships in tech related fields.

It's called competitiveness. Apprenticeships go hand in hand with quality education and a grown-up attitude towards work, along with realistic expectations of what, if anything, you will be paid during it. This is not to say there isn't people with the right attitude... they just move to Germany :-)

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