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Most 'work' done these days is office type roles, done on a computer, so doesn't need to be done in any specific location.

>> I dont think thats right at all.

So unless you are in a hands-on manufacturing job, or need to be face to face with customers/clients (retail, hospitals etc.), then there should be no reason why the vast majority of workers these days (likely 70%+) couldn't simply work from home, or at least somewhere closer.

>> 98% of statistics are made up on the spot.

This is nothing to do with 'cottage industries', most major corporations, at least the forward thinking ones, now encourage working from home, as it reduces their overheads, and makes for a happier, and therefore more productive workforce. It's a win-win for them.

>> It makes for lower bills for the company.

Working from home if you need any kind of team interaction is terrible, even the little bits of interaction that you get in an office... Im not going to skype some remote worker to have a conversation about my holiday plans or to find out if his father in law is still staying with him, but Ill talk to someone over a desk in an office about these things, Maybe not good for productivity but certinally good for your social/psychological well being.

Plus the more people that there are working from home, the less commuters there are on the road, and so makes the commute easier for those that do need to go into the office/factory/hospital etc.

>> And prices higher (Assuming your talking mass transit)

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