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"And we are having hard brexit ignoring the wishes of almost 50% of the electorate."

"And we are facing a brexit in response to the expressed wishes of over 50% of the electorate who bothered to vote."


As ever, I might not agree with the outcome (or specifically with how the referendum was run) but as over half of those who decided to vote said 'out' then that's the majority vote. Would you have them ignored instead? Have you considered that Nicola Sturgen might be right: That the reason for so many wanting out of the EU is they've become disenfranchised over it? That they can no longer see the point of it? That they see just more beaurocracy and foreign rule and our own politicians, our MEP's, have been inadequate in addressing that?

"Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting for dinner and the sheep not being dinner"

No, it's a herd of sheep voting over who gets eaten by a wolf: The wolf wins regardless.

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