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Re: *Your* intent may have been pure, but that's not how BRexit played out.

it's incredibly difficult to come to some reasonable conclusion about what the leavers voted for.

Well. Up to a point. I think the issues were pretty comprehensively explored during the campaign. More people chose to believe what I, and most people here, think was a transparent pack of lies, and ignored or severely underestimated the consequences when they were explained to them. If they don't understand modern life, well, that's very sad, but I'm afraid it's also tough shit. We don't get to select an electorate by intelligence or lack of gullibility - that's sort of the point of democracy - and if people chose not to, or are incapable of, understanding pretty straightforward obvious general knowledge level stuff,... well, maybe next time some thought should be given to the pros and cons of not standing up to a thirty year tabloid campaign of xenophobia, hate and lies in the name of cheap votes?

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