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British jobs for British people: UK tech rejects PM May’s nativist hiring agenda

Tom Paine Silver badge

The country has voted to -- pardon my French, but it's the only word that fits -- give itself a really good thorough fucking-over. _I_ didn't vote for it either, but now it has, there are clear advantages to going ahead and giving it the rogering it's asked for. Perhaps people will get a little more sceptical about the tabloid hatesheets. Perhaps they'll remember that experts actually DO know what they're talking about, and that's what the word "expert" means. Perhaps in ten years' time or so we'll be back on our knees in Brussels, begging to be allowed to rejoin, with Schengen and the Euro and all that. I happen to think those would be good, beneficial things. OTOH, if we change course, all the xenophobes and Brexiteers will go beserk about being crushed beneath the iron heel of the socialist / facist / whatever heel of Brussels or Berlin. If you've ever seen them in full cry on a Grauniad, Mail or Torygraph comments page you'll know that wouldn't be very pretty at all (and they would actually have a point.) I want the xenophobes and bulgy-eyed ranters to shut up and fuck off, once and for all, and that'll only happen when they've had their faces rubbed in the metaphorical vomit of the consequences of their own insanity.

(Or perhaps they're right, and the UK will be a workers' paradise by 2020? XD )

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