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I have 20 years of experience and two degrees (Computer engineering and Economics and Business Administration).

Training someone like me is VERY expensive.. so the companies and government of UK, US, etc, prefer to run on "free money" expended by someone else.

That is the reason I am in the UK.. no cost for them, hire and produce money.

I could jump ship and go to another country with higher wages.. problem is I like the UK, and wanted to take root here. All this bigotry and xenophobia might force me to decide to rent my house and move to the us (my wife is a US citizen), earn more than double, etc. No need to stay in Germany in the 30s.

As for the referendum not being well framed.. I disagree. It was framed on purpose as an all or nothing question, to solve a problem the Tories had, not for the nation. It backfired.

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