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It's all going to end in tears

In another time, May might have been good for the UK but now she has just inherited a poisoned chalice, which she appears to have realised now as demonstrated by each U turn she makes. Defensive and under pressure, she will increasingly be making decisions that are to her political advantage rather than in the best interests of the country.

The probability she can steer her way through major issues successfully is near zero. Currently, they are:

- Inability to define the terms and conditions for leaving the EU without alienating everyone

- The possibility of losing a legal challenge over Parliament's involvement in departing vs the potential constitutional crisis (ie rule by decree)

- The probability of having to accept a vote (or votes) by Parliament prior to Article 50 being invoked

- The continued drop in sterling (how low can it go before the public say enough is enough?)

- Serious inflation primarily hurting those who voted for Brexit but ultimately affecting everyone

- A decaying health service and fighting the doctors profession, when those who can will probably leave

- The increasing prospect of strikes due to relatively poor wage increases

- The reality that Britain on its own doesn't matter any more on the international stage

- The outcry as people realise their pensions are becoming worthless and they'll have to work forever

- Countries that used to respect Britain turning their backs due to the anti immigration rhetoric

- A Scottish referendum (and a NI one?)

- No majority in Parliament as her own MPs oppose the Government

- Infighting between the hard and soft Brexiteers in the Tory party.

- The possibility that if it all goes pear shaped, Corbyn might offer the only real alternative to voters

And that's before she has to deal with any international crises, although maybe getting into a war might just offer enough distraction to make all the other issues disappear. Royal perogative and all that :/

It's bad enough that she is under the mistaken impression that Brexit will be a negotiation... Remember Cameron couldn't getting anything worthwhile when the EU was supportive of the UK.

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