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"thinking", "companies" and "training" in the same sentence? Wow you've got high hopes...

I had training written into my contract at one company, who will remain nameless, did I get it? Not a chance, and then to cap it off we got taken over by rednecks and my boss quit and I was constructively dismissed on the basis I hadn't had the training to deal with the new system, you know the training that wasn't that breached my contract of employment in the first place, over and above the sociopathic "contractor" hired as a hatchet man..

This happened probably 15 years ago now, it's nothing new.

The employment laws in this country bear about the same relation to reality as Hollyoaks, and since we now have Reichfuhrerin May in charge it'll only get worse. Here, that's a thought, Amazon work camps, oh wait we've got those already..

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