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I agree that the name calling has to stop. The fact is that there were so many irons thrown into the fire with the leave campaign, that it's incredibly difficult to come to some reasonable conclusion about what the leavers voted for.

Some I know voted for parliamentary sovereignty at the cost of the economy, which now seems a tad ironic as the PM is actively trying to keep parliament out of it.

I know some who voted to have control of our own laws, which I think is Ironic as the government want to pass a bill to have all EU mandates written into UK Law.

I do know some people who voted based on immigration, and to be honest those lot are quite ignorant and ill informed.

I heard of one guy who from Newcastle who voted to leave to cause problems for Nissan at Sunderland.

So there is a wide spectrum of leave voter reasons.

My concern is that Tory HQ seem to have latched firmly on to the Immigration factor, by targeting foreign doctors and students first. This seems absurd to me, as we were told by the leave campaign that "low skilled EU migrants" are driving down wages, but the Government have started with some of the most talented, skilled and highly qualified people in society in Doctors, and the future talent in foreign students.

As one commented said above "this could be great for home grown techies as our salaries will go up" but my feeling is that by scaring off tech talent, we run the risk of the UK becoming a less attractive place for tech startups and tech companies, resulting in less work for all of us.

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