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Re: This article is a load of leftie rubbish

You forgot about re-enacting Kristallnacht, once the Government have collected (and published) the list of companies employing foriners...

Being an ex-pat, living and working in the EU - our politician do realize that this works both ways and that British citizens are also working abroad? - I am seriously considering taking on local citizenship here, so that I don't get caught in any retaliatory tactics!

At the moment, the UK seems to be taking the worst of the US xenophobia from the 30s and 40s and mixing it with a good dose of National Socialist ideals directly out of the Germany from the same period...

This, combined with the US presidential race, which seems to be coming down to them voting to elect either a machine gun or a hand grenade as president, the world is becoming a pretty scary place.

Time to sell up and move to an isolated island somewhere.

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