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... they've decided that if they have to spend £50k on getting a degree to get a job, ... pick a subject where employers treat them like a disposable ...

This. And it's not like this wasn't being talked about 10 or even 20 years ago. If you want home-grown talent in the middle and upper layers, you need to provide jobs for the new ones at the bottom layers so they can get in and work their way up. As it is, so much of business has swan the bottom rungs out of the ladder and now complains that there aren't people ready, willing, and capable of climbing it.

I was lucky to get a good apprenticeship in a very large local engineering firm. That place still does apprenticeships, it never stopped - perhaps being in the defence pork barrel helps. But even allowing for many of those apprentices having left - the firm still gets the benefit as many of them went into smaller firms that (now the big one has downsized and outsourced) provide a lot of services that used to be done in-house.

I left for various reasons, partly to pursure a business opportunity of my own, and partly with my (then undiagnosed) ASD (Aspergers) I really struggled in the environment they used to have. Annoyingly (as I'm trying to get back, hence posting as AC, in after (a few decades), this large firm keeps complaining that they can't find skilled engineers and need "lots", but when I look they don't seem to have vacancies on their site to match the headline shortages.

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