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British jobs for British people: UK tech rejects PM May’s nativist hiring agenda

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when that's not the basis the campaign was fought on and, when asked, not the outcome those voting leave say they wanted (on the whole)

We probably talk to different people.

All leavers I have talked to have complained of "They come and eat our benefits" and "They come and take our jobs". I have not heard a single answer different from either one of these.

As one of my neighbors has noted this is rather idiotic as you cannot do both - it is either, or. You either take the jobs or you take the benefits. You cannot quite take both.

I have not seen a single European on long term benefits (there is a legend that they exist) and I have yet to see a Brit that would like to wash cars in the freezing cold in the Sainsbury's parking lot or collect potatoes in Lankashire or catch chickens in Norfolk while being subjected to outsourced (to a similarly imported Eastern European henchman) abuse by the gangmaster. If you know of such legendary person, a lot of us would like to see him. He is the stuff of a legend.

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