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Don't forget us oldsters!

I agree, I'm aghast too!

I'd like to add that employers too often seem wedded to the cult of youth.

As an older person - only mid 40's but these days that seems to mean that I'm on the scrapheap. I can't help wondering that many employers seem biased against us older workers. At school I coded in BASIC, at Uni it was Ada, my first job used Fortran, then there was C++, then C#, python, ruby etc. Oh and java when there was j2se, j2ee and j2me (remember midlets?). I've lost count of the variants of unix or other OSes, of different build tools, code management systems, and scripting languages I've used. Yet myself and my contemporaries struggle to find roles despite good track records, references and broad experience. Perhaps I'm too inflexible ...

Me, I think most of the employers probably aren't facing a shortage of IT talent - what they are facing are rubbish recruiting teams and their own prejudices.

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