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You seem to have confused the word "reduce" with "eliminate".

I fear the confusion is yours. You were the person who suggested "do away with the commute"; had you suggested reducing it then your argument would have been rather stronger. But "do away with" means "eliminate", not "reduce".

I am of an age that would suggest that I am unlikely to see the fruits of your imagination, and for that I am, I think, grateful. I don't think I would find the sort of society that you seem to see as desirable all that attractive. I might even go as far as to suggest that it is a metropolitan view trying to force itself on everybody else, at which point I would have to agree that my argument is the reverse - trying to prevent a metropolitan - centric view taking hold everywhere. (Shades of "Brexit"?)

Having said that I have to agree that the roads are hell, the trains are hell, and the pavements (at times) little better. Round here part of the trouble is small children on scooters; they are training to be bigger people on bicycles, still on the pavements and with no regard for pedestrians.

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