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The employers here don't train properly because they're afraid that all that training expense will go to waste when their newly trained employees get head-hunted by the company next door who couldn't be arsed to train and instead let the other 'gimberts' do it.

It doesn't help that DWP is divorced from the Business Training and Skills department. By keeping those separate, there are a batch of people on the dole (like me) who want to re-train in relevant I.T. skills, but there's absolutely no will in DWP to even take notice of us.

But, I have to say that all these businesses complaining about Brexit actually happening is a bit ripe. If they'd respected the citizens of this country by not outsourcing all their jobs, and making sure they got paid at least a living wage, then perhaps we* wouldn't have voted to leave the E.U.

*I voted remain, so that 'we' doesn't technically include me.

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