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Jamie Jones Silver badge

This article is a load of leftie rubbish

Those bloody foriners, nicking our jobsAND benefits(!) , and taking over our towns.

We are GREAT Britain - all those jobs foriners do could easily be done by our own elite, who - because of foriners - have no choice but to watch, and go on, the Jermy Kyle show.

You will always see us true brits showing the bulldog spirit - buying all booze and fags from British companies, and buying 60inch plasmas at 5 times the price from Shite-house - damn good honest British '"on tick" - where else could you get a big tele when you can't even afford to properly clothe and feed the kids?

Those foriners speak funny anyway, and cause all sorts of crime.

We don't need them They need us. They needed our empire. We tried to domesticate these savages, and they turn around and take advantage of us.

Next we need to blow up that Frenchie channel tunnel, and then build a wall - a big big wall, and all the foriners will pay for it - that will sort out those rapist scum

Let's make Britain GREAT Britain again.

♩ ♪ ♫ Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves!...♬ ♭ ♯

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