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No, please no.

Part of where I take my three times daily exercise and dog walk the pavement has been marked on the London Cycle Route Map as being a cycle route, It's not actually marked on the route itself, there is no warning for pedestrians who may foolishly believe that they are entitled to walk along this footpath. There is no actual access to it for the cycles without at least crossing places that are not even on that route. There are a number of entrances that are at right angles to this stretch of pavement and that are concealed from the whizzing cyclists. No resident was ever consulted about making this footpath a cycle route ( I've lived here almost 25 years).

But the cyclists who use this footpath as a cycle route clearly think that they have a divinely granted right to hurtle along, unhindered by beings made purely of living flesh. Not only do they endanger we poor mortals, but are often incredibly aggressive if we fail to jump out of the way quickly enough. Do I want to take my chances with even more of these nutters?

No I bloody well don't!

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