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You seem to have confused the word "reduce" with "eliminate". You also seem to be confused that who you work for didn't change. There are no new "cottage industries"

Office drones (like me) who used to spend 3+ hours a day (63 h/month -> 3 DAYS A MONTH) getting to and from the office to sit at a desk with lower levels of technology than I have in my home office, who then spend hours in virtual meetings, office automation apps or just a $ | # | C:> | PS1> prompt benefit from this approach.

Remote working is becoming more of a norm. Companies don't need to have big flash offices, with high operating costs, so they benefit too.

As to your point about hospitals. By reducing the need for travel, you reduce the likelihood of them getting run over on their way to work in the first place. I can't recall seeing a bus or cyclist on my stairs or in my hall, however if I were to suffer an injury, my local hospital would probably have shorter queues than the ones in central London.

This is where the word reduce comes in handy again - those who physically do have to be somewhere can get around more easily. In time, I fully expect that the same technology that is used to remotely fly a military drone to some bad guy and allow a remote surgeon to operate on a person via robotic machinery will just become more main stream in other area.

As to the interface being a keyboard, that will change in time too, VR will become more, er. realistic.

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