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I don't live in London (Auckland, New Zealand here) but we have the same problem of only a half-hearted attempt to make roads and footpaths friendly to all.

Agree 100% especially re electric-assisted bikes and (my addition) novel transport modes such as electric-assisted foot-scooters (take a look e.g. at Israeli brand Inokim). These are the machines that have the potiential to revolutionise 'last mile' transit or replace cars entirely for short commutes.

I applaud cyclists (used to commute 20km on one) but personally find it too scary sharing dual carriageways with fast moving trucks and cars that give no way for cyclists.

I've noted that in some countries, it is commonplace for pedestrians, cyclists and riders of novel transport modes to share broad pedestrian/cycleways with no problems. Councils everywhere need to learn from this, and change by-laws and urban design to encourage the use of cycles and novel transport modes rather than designing around the car.

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