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How about educating road users (cyclists included) as to the actual rules of the road.

When I commute I chose to do so either by motorcycle or bicycle and I would like to point out that I have had many many issues with cyclists as they choose to cross lanes without looking even through oncoming traffic and their tendency to view stop lights as a novelty suggestion. Motorcyclists can be just as bad, lane changing without thought for traffic and giving it the beans to cross junctions as the lights switch to red or to take a turn at a junction when they obviously do not have the needed space to safely do so causing oncoming traffic to shit bricks. Cars, buses and lorrys etc have a bad tendency to ignore any vehicle which is smaller than theirs and will happily run them off the road.

Every type of driver/rider has their mentally deficient asshats who ignore both the law and other forms of traffic. Educate them and ensure that they can no longer get away with it and the problem will be a long way towards a solution.

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