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The other obvious way to solve this is to just do away with the commute, remote working is easy, the technologies are there

Get everyone home-working, and walking everywhere.

The only "obvious" thing is that it is complete bollocks. Return to an economy based on cottage industries? Where do you think that would leave the wider economy?

Who manufactured the device on which you typed those posts? Someone working at home? Did you buy it from someone working at home? If it goes wrong will it be repaired by someone working from home? How will you get it there? The idea of a postal service based on people working at (not from) home is rather amusing.

Sick? No hospitals because their employees would not be working at home. No point in going to the doctor; he has no drugs to prescribe because they cannot be made in homes, other than the illegal and dangerous variety. Bicycles made at home? Good luck with that one as well. Haircut? Give yourself a headshave.

A society based on home working will not last very long, and there is no point in pretending otherwise. In principle it is no different from the once popular idea that "financial services" should and could be the mainstay - if not the sole means - of supporting an economy. How can an economy work based only on people sitting at keyboards?

OTOH it would render the need for phone cells on lamp posts in London wholly unnecessary, which might not be a bad thing.

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