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Which London?

Ahem, I cycle and use buses in a different city. A city where bus drivers are not perfect but Gods compared the the average black cab driver with whom one also shares those great wide cycle lanes which are confusingly marked as bus lanes as opposed to lanes marked for cycles which are only for very slim guttersnipes, one at a time.

Indeed the larger the vehicle then generally the better the driver. The supermarket artics must be monsters to drive through my London but (apart from the build trade skips and tippers) are rather better than the average Addison-Lee.

My buses are crowded and even though I may look older than my years don't get offered a seat by those bright young things. Indeed Boris' decision not to order more new buses is going to create a real crisis within a few years.

Oh - could your London be north of the river? You know the place that has undergrounds and investment in even more. Down sarf a bus is a lifeline when you are not taking the bike. Otherwise it it is shank's pony or even "we apologise for ..." Southern.

No, its not buses that are the problem. Its the car lanes that need to go!

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