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PDP-11's existed a long time before Unix was created.

I first started writing code for a PDP-11/40 in 1974 using the Fortran

When the RSX11-D (And the -M , -S and -M-Plus) variants came along the Assembler programme was called Macro-11.

I got hold of the sources to the programme and replaced the PDP-11 instruction set with that of a graphics card that were were using. You could buy a Magtape with all the OS Sources on. The sources also came on microfiche.

MOV R1, R2


BLT 1$



I have a full set of PDP-11/34A schematics to go along with the actual hardware in my Garage. One Day I may get around to donating them to the NMOC at Bletchely.

My PDP-11/84 runs RSX11/M-Plus perfectly well to this day.

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