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Umm. PDP-11s? good!

"but perhaps even scarier when one considers our 2013 story revealing Canada's nuclear plants will run code specificallly assembled for PDP-11 minicomputers for at least another 30 years"

I'm living between 4 nukes 15km west of me and one 4km east of me (soon to be two!!!* yay)

Please, please,please -- lets NOT cough "Upgrade" cough those control systems to something that doesn't have a 30 year history of doing the job right.

And having run a couple of PDP-11/75 systems a few times, as long as the storage is kept upgraded and the hardware support contract is valid, I'd rather those than some of the utter crap that I've met in the last few years.

* (soon in this case is a relative term)

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