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<quote>There is no law requiring them to arrange their business to minimise their tax: they choose to do that.</quote>

I'm pretty sure their shareholders require them to make a good profit. BTW, the shareholders aren't necessarily fat cats or millionaires, they are people like you and me with pensions.

<quote>I choose not to do business with any company which does not pay a "reasonable" amount of tax</quote>

Well one man's definition of reasonable could be another man's definition of over the top. The government sets the rules, the businesses follow the rules whilst maximising profits.

However, if the government tightens the rules then the corporations move money around and setup infrastructure in countries where the rules benefit their bottom line.

But, fear not as our unelected PM, and her elite bashing elitists will sort this out, without bothering our sovereign parliament with any of this pesky shenanigans.

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