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Thanks for that.

Interestingly I am apparently on the UK terrorism watch list for the heinous "crime" of searching for Geiger tubes, seems that an interest in radiological protection can get you put on there. Needless to say since then my mail has been tampered with and broadband hacked (twice) ended up having to go down to the Police Station and explain exactly what I was up to, voluntarily. Not that it helped, this is HMRC being awkward.

Interestingly a lot of concern has been raised about attempted thefts of "Moly Cows" in transit recently as 99Mo is about 1/8 as bad as 60Co if airborne. Fortunately these are pretty secure these days and the courier has quadruple redundant failsafes (two thoroughly vetted people turning up at the same place at the same time with 1/2 of the key, etc).. what concerns me personally is some eejit stealing an orphan source such as the Fobos-Grunt wreckage in Chile as airborne 238Pu is especially nasty.

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