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and you can't configure it.

Seriously, why do you want proprietary drivers instead of SATA? That is what the cloud is, right? Commodity hardware with proprietary storage drivers. Worse, there's no software layering, no standard storage driver API being used so that anyone can write to it, each "commodity" cloud vendor has its own API so every application has to be "disk drive" specific. Welcome back to the 70's!

Is this all because getting SMB through a firewall is going to hit a brick wall in form of CorpSecurity? Do you think all the problems magically go away because it runs over TLS/443? People complain that SSH is dodgy because anything could run over it. Hello! HTTPS?

It appears to me that there are several issues:

1. File systems have not kept up with metadata requirements. (think sharepoint)

2. Selling data sharing gateways is hard - its easier to be "shadow IT" than to make a big official corporate sale. I know companies where SFTP means HTTPS access to a file server with a really clunky interface.

3. Corporate security. CISO's generally try to do the right thing. The risks are generally very high, but perhaps the baseline is, "will this data be shared by email if we don't do it some better way." Get your data classified, get your identity management sorted. Everything else hangs on that.

4. Outsourcing. Everyone wants to run their IT like MacDonalds. Here's a heads up - people aren't interchangeable - at least not without a lot of cost in downtime, recruitment and training. They tried buying expensive systems a chimp could use. CAPEX went through the roof, so now they try to rent expensive systems so it doesn't look so bad on the balance sheets. Sadly that means business logic gets petrified in the IT system because in the past we had a chap we called Sheldon who used procmail to filter all the timesheets and batch feed them into the green-screen application using expect, but now we have a cloud-based solution with an API which changes every year and no dev environment in which to test scripts. That's all moot because we outsourced our IT support to India so we no longer have anyone around who has scripting skills - everything we do with IT has to be bought as an application from professional devs or done by hand - so we don't do that. Everyone enters their time in themselves using IE6 because that's all the portal supports. Eventually our IT is so petrified it bears no relation to what we do on the ground, so we have to duplicate masses of effort, and put rubbish values into systems which have no useful purpose because no-one really knows what anything does any more but we're scared stiff of breaking it.

Weirdly, companies accept very limited facilities from a third-party which they wouldn't accept from an in-house solution. People need to get over that.

I'm fairly gob-smacked that no-one has done more with sshfs... maybe for Windows too? Get your PKI in AD sorted and go for something simple. Simple is good.

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