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>Configure the ports manually.

Say WHAT?!

Ok, I'm in security so I know that's the right answer, but you're dealing with a generation who want to monitor their baby/babysitter on their iphone when they are out to dinner.

Putting WPA2 and a password on the webcam was hard enough, do you expect them to configure a firewall too? It ain't gonna happen.

It will continue to be bad until someone manages to set up a decent VPN coordination system with opportunistic encryption, so that these things don't need upnp and the firewalls can configure themselves.

That sounds great... until you realise that then people will be able to know that their TV is snitching on them. That could be awkward. Then you have to decide if you'll support the protocol.

But back to the phone... if you want to be able to view the webcam footage, you'll need an app or you'll need to trigger a vpn. Apps are buggy and the two phone suppliers don't exactly appear to be falling over themselves to make vpn activation very intelligent.

Maybe some of that much-vaunted "machine learning" could be applied to some OCR so that your camera can read the security rules off a piece of paper and reprogram your firewall. It could be like... the 90's!

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