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Read the 10K...

If you want to know what you're really getting, read the Box 10K. The "Risks" section is particularly enlightening, with such gems as...

"88% of our registered users are non-paying users..."

"We have a history of cumulative losses, and we do not expect to be profitable for the foreseeable future."

"Furthermore, while our errors and omissions insurance policies include liability coverage for these matters, if we experienced a widespread security breach that impacted a significant number of our customers for whom we have these indemnity obligations, we could be subject to indemnity

claims that exceed such coverage."

"Even with the disaster recovery arrangements, we have never performed a full live failover of our services and, in an actual disaster, we could learn our recovery arrangements are not sufficient to address all possible scenarios and our service could be interrupted for a longer period than expected."

"Because of the large amount of data that we collect and manage, it is possible that hardware failures, errors in our systems or user errors could result in data loss or corruption that our customers regard as significant. "

I wonder how many CEOs and Board members of companies reliant on Box have ever read a single 10K, and if they did, how did they justify the risk?

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