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Ok, like so many others you fail to take into account the complexities of tax... VAT is charged at different rates for different products, so most stuff its 20%, for Gas etc its 5% most food and kids clothes etc its Zero rated.

So are you saying that you want to put pensioners gas bills up by 20%, I cant see your election campaign lasting too long...

Also bear in mind that VAT is only payable on transactions inside the EU, this would be another change in tax that has good intentions but would only affect people without the means to work around it.

You also fail to take into account that income tax is banded, so low earners pay a smaller (if any) amount of tax than high earners, youre proposing leveling the same tax on someone earning £11k a year as someone earning £11k a month, doesnt sound right when you say it out loud does it?

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