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no, no, no, thats the wrong question. The question should be, why wouldn't I want a wifi connected kettle or fridge.

The answer to that question is, they is no reason why you wouldn't..... oh wait, erm...

On to actually answering the question :)

The kettle, maybe, if it could fill itself up and then you turn it on remotely so you can be a lazy bugger. :)

The fridge could only be useful if you changed the way that most people interact and decide on making food. Also if all food producers radio tagged all food with what it was and its expiry date. If the fridge was able to read this info and then you planned your meals for the week, it could tell you what you needed. But that's not going to work as it would require too many companies working together. The alternative is you tag it yourself, but then that adds work, which this is supposed to remove, so again will not work.

The IoT is for an ideal automated world where everything talks to everything else so that it makes your life easier, you say you are going to do this, all the stuff in your life works together and tell you how and when you can do it and what you need. But this isn't an ideal world. Its a world where companies want to market new things to you to get you to part with your money. Spending as little on its design to maximize profit and reduce compatibility to lock you into their systems. Then they decide what you have bought should no longer be supported it, buy the new version, therefore turning off the 'support' servers, rendering all these IoT even more useless.

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