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The big 4 accountancy co's (who also do the tax auditing of these big companies), spend a *huge* amount of time lobbying and gaming the system. Google's lobbying is very well known: they love-bomb the US and UK legislators and executive constantly to ensure the 'right' laws are passed. I'm less familiar with Facebook's activity in this area. Might well be that they are (ironically) 'free-riders' on the lobbying effort. Suspect not.

Don't forget, too, that Theresa 'hit the fatcats' May's cabinet contains 27 millionaires. Are they going to vote against their financial interests? I'm inclined to doubt it.

Both US presidential candidates have benefitted from hugely complex tax law too: Trump famously 'possibly' not paying income tax for up to 18 years. And then he pointed out that the Clintons did exactly the same. They are all in it together. And we aren't.

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