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... BSOD?

More likely than a BSOD, and possibly the cause of the phase destabilisation event across the entire SA grid, was that s7otbxdx.dll started up when SRAS1 was triggered. There were a few Win 3.1 & XP boxen used to run Siemens WinCC (SCADA controllers) that hadn't been patched, scanned or just as likely, tested for a while, and were still connected to some old Simatic PLCs that had been used by mistake back in 2005. For the first time in a long time, Stuxnet code ran a C&C communication sequence that ended up executing- and caused an incorrect 2-1410Hz frequency oscillation on the startup supplies. As this was not 50Hz, the everything stayed tits up.

Or something else equally crap, like a network device offline or a cable unplugged.

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