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I'm with you Tom, found Linus Torvalds's viewpoint very narrow too.

Maybe he is too close to the coalface? Not seeing Raspberry PI in actual use by today's generation. Looks like someone from Intel has tried to pull him onside.

I learnt my metal on 6502/Arm on Acorn Archimedes. I learnt Arm Chip fundamentals transitioning from 6502. I was certain ARM would win out over Intel in mobile early on, and IoTs before it was taken over by SoftBank. Now I'm less certain, but not by much (yet). SoftBank is still an unknown to me.

Power/Efficiency are key where {at a fundamental level} ARM wins hands down over Intel. Intel can never catch up, if Arm/Intel are fabbed at the same level, because you aren't talking about one ARM processor in a device. With self driving vehicles, it could be 400.

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