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Internet of pills plan calls for drugs to tell you when to take them

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"Unless you are particularly absent minded, does this not indicate that your health is not really all that high of a priority?"

I'm often complimented on my very good memory - but when it happens I always find it odd, because I know that I'm terribly absent minded, especially for 'trivial' things. The purpose of the pills is not trivial1, but the process of taking them is.

That's me, though. Others may have different excuses.

"Please note, I'm not having a go at you in particular here,"

Understood entirely - and I'm pretty sure that before I was ever taking tablets on a regular basis, I wondered the same thing about others.

"but many of the comments here seem to indicate that potentially life saving medication really isn't in the forefront of the minds of the people it's supposed to be saving/curing/alleviating."

Again, it may differ for others, but in my case the problem that some of my medication addresses could indeed prove fatal if not kept in check - but the thing is, I'm okay with it. I don't want to pop my clogs, but if it happens, it happens. *shrugs*

1. The one at night is for high cholesterol, the two in the morning for high blood pressure. My high BP, when it was discovered (a few years ago, and the first time I'd been to see the doctor in many years) reached 240/140.

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