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Upon rereading the article...

One of his comments is plain silly: saying that in electricity grid priorities, “the number one has to be keep the lights on”.

You're wrong, Prime Minister.

Any engineer will tell you: the number one priority in an emergency is that you can recover, that you can return to normal without weeks or months of work. That you don't blow up generators to stop ice-cream melting.

These remarks are far more stupid than the PM's. Richard Chirgwin appears to be equating hospitals and other essential services with ice cream. A careful second reading of Uhlmann's article, the AEMO Preliminary Report and ever so many less authoritative sources indicate that nobody has advocated "blowing up generators to stop ice cream from melting". Many have pointed to failure to plan and adequately respond to the situation, and keep as many of the lights on as possible.

Mr Chirgwin, you have made a dickhead of yourself.

For the record, The Git has done as much several times in his life. He is after all (rumoured to be) human...

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