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"...the state could have been islanded."

Without carefully looking at the report and sequence of events including current flow and protective relay operations I can't comment on exact details but those who are pro-wind and letting their politics decide their interpretation are ignoring the role of generation when major transmission connections are lost.

Even without a connection to the larger grid conventional generation continues to operate resulting in "islands" of power waiting to be reconnected.

That doesn't happen with many renewables because they need to be connected to a grid that is already stable and loaded. As mentioned systems with high levels of wind generation are not as stable, something Wind supporters continue to discount or dismiss. One result is the inability of Wind to supply local power when needed.

Wind can be an excellent and stable source of power for individual sites. Using batteries, and other storage methods, removes the grid instability issues. Wind then operates islanded which keeps the power on until the conditions it was designed for are exceeded, conditions decided by the individual choosing Wind. That also helps the grid as it reduces load and the need for future expensive grid upgrades.

The article seems very bias to me, in part because of the carefully edited information supplied. The report linked to raises many issues that seem to implicate Wind power in the larger failure. The Summary points out that is was the disconnection (the failure) of Wind generation that resulted in the SA regional electricity market being suspended.

This appears to be is a classic Wind problem, not stable. A storm comes through and Wind generation is lost when Natural Gas or conventional generation was not. Conventional generation was still available, if the Wind site was instead Natural Gas (or Nuclear) SA regional electricity market would not have been suspended.

But even if it had, for other reasons, the area would have been islanded reducing the impact of the incident.

The incident was predictable, even predicted. Wind technology as it is today is not as stable, only politics decides otherwise. Doesn't mean it isn't worth it but that's a separate discussion.

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