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If the Pixel phone product range isn't a serious contender then why does the article describe the other Android phones as "roadkill"? Editors I suppose. They find a cute picture and staple-gun it onto a poor innocent story. And we're lucky I suppose that it wasn't "Super Pixel goes cladistic, Samsung is explodious". (Yes, some of those words are not appropriate or are not actual words; so?)

Since Android's weak points are (1) lots of hacks into the Android system and (2) updates late or never for many phones, especially with network-specific software, a phone that can be updated promptly is a good thing to have for people who are aware of the issue - if it lives up to that spiel.

My phone is an Android tablet that Samsung now seems to deny making although I am quite confident that they did, and I hope it's too old to be hacked, or at least too obscure. On the other hand it won't run Firefox.

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