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Internet of pills plan calls for drugs to tell you when to take them

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"The Register hates* to hose down oddball Internet of Things enthusiasm but feels bound to note that the breathless announcement of the idea doesn't explain how an E-Ink screen on a bottle or package is more effective than notifications or vibrations delivered through a phone in a patient's hand."

Even that doesn't work for me. I'm on three different pills, two to be taken in the morning and one at night. Originally, I set daily alarms on my phone to remind me - but if I was busy or whatever, the fact that I still had to take the tablets would slip my mind.

My current system is: When I take my pills in the morning, I place the strip for the evening pill on the base of my desk lamp. That serves as a reminder at night to take that one, and when I do it'll be when I'm shutting down, so I then place the strips for my morning pills on the keyboard, which in turn serves as a reminder to take them when I sit at my desk in the morning - at which point I place the strip for the evening pill on the base of my desk lamp...

I find this is the ideal approach for me, and I forget far less often than I used to. However, it's still not perfect - if I don't use the desk lamp at night, I don't notice the strip I've placed there, so I forget that night and, as a consequence, the following morning.

But it does mean the damned things remain in sync, though, so I can refill the prescriptions at the same time without ending up with a surplus of any of the pills.

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