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Internet of pills plan calls for drugs to tell you when to take them

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"The Register hates* to hose down oddball Internet of Things enthusiasm but feels bound to note that the breathless announcement of the idea doesn't explain how an E-Ink screen on a bottle or package is more effective than notifications or vibrations delivered through a phone in a patient's hand."

Quite. Medicine is in the bedroom, a place I tend not to be the times I'm supposed to ingest my meds. Plus, those boxes would still be silent, non-blinking, so not attracting any attention whatsoever.

In the junkpile Very Useful Parts Source I found a button with a red LED in it, attached it to a Nano with a RTC, wrote a bit of code and now the LED blinks at certain times as a reminder; it lives on a side table in the living room. Pushing the button acknowledges the reminder.

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