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And given how little value Google's home tat adds to a home, I can't see that having a big impact either.

Err... It does not add value for YOU. The customer. It adds significant value to the buyer of the real products which are:

1. Your profile (anyway you like to define that).

2. The APIs to do things to you, your home, etc. Usually leveraging the profile to increase the profile sales.

From that perspective, Google will still break even or be in profit if it _GAVE_ you that tat and paid you to take it as it is a case of "you are not the customer, you are the product".

It also cements its foothold in the home and makes it unassailable by anything short of Eu/FTC "mandatory breakup" level intervention. Same as Android practically concreted its position in search to a level where it cannot be dislodged by anything short of a nuclear bunker buster.

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