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Ben Rose

Planned to buy...but didn't.

I recently bought a new tablet to replace my ageing (but surprisingly long lived) Tesco HUDL. Having looked at all price point, in the end I went Pixel C. It offered everything. Fast octocore CPU and USB-C charging, great screen with market leading screen resolution and amazing battery life. Not cheap but ticket every box in a big way - I even went for the 64GB model as I knew I'd do more stuff on it.

I was naturally quite excited when I heard a Pixel phone was on the way. I've always like the idea of Nexus and always having the latest Android stuff, but the phone designs never floated my boat. I've been with Android since V1 and my current Samsung S5 is getting long in the tooth. I dreamed of a phone that impressed my like my Pixel C tablet had. It didn't.

I learned about exciting functions like the Google assistant but then realised it wouldn't be available on my matching tablet. It wasn't even available on those "always up to date" Nexus handsets. Suddenly features are exclusive to Pixel, a phone which is about double the price of a similar spec Oneplus 3.

If Google refuse to update their Pixel branded tablet, which is still on sale, what hope do we have that Pixel Phone will support Pixel 2 features when that gets released in a couple of years? Not only do Google want us to pay Apple like prices for a handset, they also want us to accept built in redundancy as our devices get older.

That's not what Android owners do. We keep applying updates and, when they stop coming, we start installing custom ROMs. Sure, suppliers may not make much money from that model, but we do provide repeat business.

It started to hurt when Samsung removed the SD card slot (which makes life much easier for juggling custom ROMs) and now I fear that the geeks are struggling for something to buy. I know several people who were poised to buy the Pixel phone but didn't. Rumoured sales numbers in the UK confirm we aren't alone.

I'm now looking at a Oneplus 3, albeit without an SD card slot, but it doesn't run Android N yet which would be a bit of a downgrade for many to go back to Marshmallow. Once it starts shipping with Nougat I feel Oneplus will have an order book that HTC can only dream of.

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