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18 seconds that blacked out South Australia

Steven Roper

That table actually tells us why Turnbull is right

What I'm seeing from looking at that timeline table and your previous comment about the Victorian interconnector spiking to 860 MW when it was rated for 600 is a very definite correlation between wind turbine output and the overload.

The timeline shows that 123 MW dropped from the Mid-North wind farms 7 seconds prior, then 1 second prior Hornsdale dropped by 86 MW and Snowtown dropped 106 MW.

So, by 1 second before the blackout, the renewable energy system had dropped 315 MW from the grid. So that's 315 MW the grid now had to make up by drawing on the one remaining interconnector. Since this interconnector could only sustain 600 MW, and shut down because it tried to draw 860 MW, had the wind farms been able to maintain supply the draw in the internconnector would have been 860 - 315 = 545 MW, which is within the interconnector's tolerance.

Ergo, the inability of the renewable energy system to operate in the severe conditions was a directly contributing factor to the outage. The power went out because there was no generation system in place to supply base load when the wind farms shut down, so the shortfall was drawn over the interconnector, which shut down in response. This means while the 275 kV lines going down meant the main interconnector was the only remaining backup, had the wind farms been able to continue operating that interconnector would not have overloaded.

Finally, your article is full of ad-hominem attacks on Turnbull and Xenophon and just comes across as the kind of dogmatic shaming tactics characteristic of ideologues in general. Hurling words like "stupid", "silly", "dopey", "idiot-in-search-of-a-village" isn't a valid argument, it's an appeal to emotion. It doesn't add credibility to your position.

Granted, renewable energy might not have been the entire cause of the failure, but excessive reliance on it was a contributing factor, and if we ignore that possibility then this is going to occur again. I'm not saying renewable power is rubbish, in fact it is a step in the right direction. I'm just saying, we have to acknowledge that it does have flaws and put in place systems to compensate for those flaws, and blind ideological adherence to Green dogma and abusive dismissal of anyone who dares to question it isn't going to help anyone.

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