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What redundancy?

The Aussie gird has nearly no proper redundancy at all except for a few links between coal plants and Melbourne. The Eastern coast power (and comms and rail and road) infrastructure has a number of areas where there are choke points which can be taken out by storms.

The VIC/NSW grid has been very close to shutting down several times before. There have been cases where there was only one plant running in Vic which was fortunate because many of the power plants must have an external plant running to sync and start up again.

The Tassy grid was recently supplemented by 200 large diesel generators because they only put down one cable to Victoria and it broke.

The grid does have some issues with renewables since they tend to be attached at odd points on the grid. Some of the large wind farms in Vic are tacked on the end of lines far away from the major lines at extreme ends of the state and I know of one large solar farm that hasn't happened because its location in the north of the state would have destabilized the grid interconnect.

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