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Great battery life but that is about it

I started using OSX with El Capitain (company issued 2015 Macbook Air) but I never found it particularly intuitive or even better looking than top-of-the-line Linux distros (Cinnamon or KDE Plasma 5).

Apart from the stellar battery life and fairly good software availability, I found the Macbook generally inferior to my Linux laptop (an Asus N550 with Linux Mint 17 Cinnamon) when it comes to supporting workflows around java/web development.

E.g. I find the whole global menu stuff annoyingly limited with multiple monitors/virtual desktops (Normally, I use a 3-monitor setup with my dev workstations). When I want all monitors to belong to one virtual desktop, I cannot have the global menu on all monitors so I have to look for the global menu (on Monitor1) for a menu item belonging to a window displayed on Monitor2. Plain annoying and unintuitive.

Shortkey configuration is also light-years ahead on Linux (especially on Plasma 5). I set a lot of short-keys for application launchers and even for running application windows (so that, for example, I can switch very fast, directly to a specific application window from another virtual desktop).

Adding manually created launcher entries to the dock / launcher of OSX is a huge hassle compared to the built-in menu editors of Cinnamon and KDE and the ease of creating .desktop files (e.g.: for a manually installed Java application like OTROS which has no .DMG package). I don't understand why there isn't a more simple way to do this in OSX. Also, the OSX dock now looks much uglier than similar dock apps in Linux (e.g: Cairo on Cinnamon or Plank on KDE) And Linux docks have intellihide by default, no need for extra apps to do this very basic thing.

Luckily, I was allowed to have a proper dev Linux workstation so now I only use the Mac when I travel and to run stuff which has no proper, 100% alternative on the penguin. There are not so many things like that now. Just last week, I found that I can create a screencast as fast with KDEnlive as with iMovie (and was a bit it more intuitive too).

All in all, I just don't see why people think that OSX is so easy to use and powerful. Mainstream Linux distros in 2016 beat it handily in features, customizability and, in some cases, even in looks. Nowadays, the hardware is the real value with Macs, not the OS.

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