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iTunes is remarkably inoffensive given its appalling reputation, I've been using it since it was SoundJam MP and the worst thing it ever did was confuse some cover art.

I'm also reasonable OK with it, apart from its habit of only keeping one backup. When you set a phone or iPad to auto-sync for people who are not very technical, this results in erasing the very data you need to recover a phone when it goes wrong which is IMHO not the most intelligent way to go about it (yes, you can lock a backup, but that's no longer end-user compatible).

I'm presently looking at iMazing which, despite having a frankly terrible name, actually does a couple of things really well in terms of backup. It also showed me that the iPhone keeps a list of ALL the calls you make, and I have as yet not found anything short of a reset to erase that...

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