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Australis is a good metaphor for all that is wrong with Mozilla. I didn't run it for more than a couple of minutes before I searched for a fix and found Classic Theme Restorer. More and more addons are required to restore things Mozilla removed while they pile in useless crap no one asked for.

During the early 2000s, Mozilla was the challenger to the corporate goliath of Microsoft; now there is a new corporate goliath in Google, and Mozilla is doing all they can to make sure that everything that differentiates Mozilla from Chrome is removed. So many of the changes have "that's the way Chrome does it" as the only justification... I've lost count of the prefs and features I liked that have been removed with that justification alone. Mozilla has become timid, preferring the status of "also-ran" rather than that of a potential leader, taking comfort in being a follower instead.

You never would have seen changes checked in during the early 2000s with "that's how Microsoft does it, so it's what users expect" as a justification for a change. Back then, the only discussion was about what the best way of doing things was. Now, when they find they are doing something the best way, or that it doing things the best way is at least a selectable option, Mozilla removes it, citing incompatibility with the way Chrome users expect it to be.

I don't see the logic there, unless their goal is really to let FF die by attrition. If they keep changing FF to better fit in with the expectations of Chrome users, what is going to lure those users away from Chrome to discover FF? "Come on over to Firefox! It's exactly the same as what you're already using!" Why would anyone go through the effort of downloading and installing a new program just to get what they already have?

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